What Are Standard Oriental Rug Sizes?

It's a bit of a loaded question: What sizes do Oriental rugs come in?

At we usually carry sizes that generally fall in this Oriental rug sizes chart:

Oriental Rug Sizes Chart at Jessie's Rugs

Generally you can search for vintage and antique Oriental rugs in the following sizes (approximate value in centimeters):

2x3 ft. (~60x90cm)

2x4 ft. (~60x120cm)

3x5 ft. (~90x150cm)

4x6 ft. (~120x180cm)

4x7 ft. (~120x213cm)

5x7 ft. (~150x210cm)

5x8 ft. (~150x240cm)

6x9 ft. (~180x274cm)

7x10 ft. (~210x304cm)

8x10 ft. (~240x304cm)

8x11, 9x12, 10x13 and larger room size Oriental rugs (which unfortunately we don't carry at this time!)

and a variety of Runners narrow, short, wide and or long.

Although those are the generic sizes of Oriental rugs there are many variables. These sizes are rarely exact and vary from rug to rug. One Persian Hamedan rug may measure 1' 11 x 2' 9 and another could be exactly 2' x 3'. This is because Oriental rugs are handmade and are not mass produced by machines. This is true especially in vintage pieces.


A custom rug may measure 3x4. (Pictured above is a 2' 11 x 3' 9 Vintage Turkish Sparta). In some of the stricter settings where commissions are made you will find the rugs follow a more exact size constraint versus nomadic pieces woven in smaller towns and villages. In the same sense, many villagers wove antique rugs we collect today for themselves to use in their own homes. What may seem like a strange size to us is perfectly normal for a chair or tent door covering. Another almost square antique Baluch rug is pictured below.

Antique Baluch Rug

Although there may be rugs on the market in unusual sizes it is also important to look out for cut rugs. These rugs are carpets that have been cut either by width or length and re-sewn back together. This process is generally for customers who fall in love with a rug that doesn't fit their space. It is also very common with stair runners as it is more difficult to find rugs to perfectly fit your stair length. It's also sometimes used as a solution for rugs that have been damaged either with un-repairable holes, dry rot, stains and more. 

One great trick to see if a rug will fit in your space is to build a model using masking tape on your floor. Newspaper can also be used as a movable model. Check out our Area Rug Size Guide for more tips on choosing the right vintage or antique rug for your space.

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