Persian Rug Runners: Stairs, Hallways, Kitchens & Beyond

Antique and vintage rug runners have been breaking out of their typical role of sitting on the stairs and being placed in hallways in recent years. I've seen a lot of creative uses for runners, but one of my favorites is in the kitchen. 

 Rug Runners in the kichen

Kitchen islands provide much needed counter space and Instagram is full of pictures of people using Persian rug runners in that open space between the main counter and the island. The Karaja runner pictured below just came in and is the perfect fit for a kitchen setting.

On either side of a bed is a great spot for an antique runner. Because there is such a small amount of heavy foot traffic, an antique rug runner will probably last longer in a bedroom than it would in a kitchen.

Vintage Persian Rug

In the living room, a great spot for runners is near a side or coffee table. Or if you are using a medium sized area rug in your living room or bedroom and have a little open space you are trying to fill, a runner may be your answer. Check out some of our vintage and antique runners here.


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