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Pink Persian Rug

The Color Pink in Oriental Rugs

Pink is more common in contemporary rugs and is rarely seen as a field color in older Oriental or Persian rugs. Tones of pink were achieved as a highlight color in a variety of vintage and antique Persian rugs by manipulating the strength of red dyes that were initially made from vegetables and insects and eventually synthetically obtained as well. Red vegetable dye is made from madder root and cochineal. Light pink is a common highlight color in Kazvins, Kirmans and other Persian rugs. Some older rugs are now "overdyed" in darker pink tones.

Pink Persian rugs and Decorating

Pink Persian rugs have become popular in recent years. The majority of vintage pink Oriental rugs are not bubblegum pink, unless they have been overdyed, and are not super challenging to work with. Pairing them with neutral walls can give a sophisticated look. Brown and pink also flow well together and provide a bolder look. Black and white decor with a pink rug offers sophistication. Red accents can act as a nod in the direction of the red tones already present in your pink rug.

Still looking for the perfect rug?

Vintage Pink Persian rugOur inventory is constantly changing. If you are looking for a Persian rug with a pink field or pink highlights and don't see the rug of your dreams above please email us and we will let you know if we get anything in fitting your specifications.


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