Red Oriental Rugs

Red in Oriental Rugs

Red and blue are recognized as two of the most traditional colors of Persian and Oriental rugs. Often thought to represent beauty, wealth, courage and joy, red brings passion and romance to a space with high energy. Bright red Oriental rugs are very popular with interior decorators. It is commonly found in the fields of Hamedans, Kazvins, some Sarouks and Tekke Bokhara rugs among others. The oldest known rug in the world still retains its red dye.

Red as a vegetable dye in Rugs

Red Persian RunnerWhen used as a vegetable dye red is derived from madder root and cochineal. The strength of the red tone can be achieved by adjusting the times and lengths of dye baths for the wool. When rugs bleed, red is one of the most common fugitive dye types, so study Oriental rugs well before you purchase them for bleeding.


Red Oriental Rugs and Decorating

There is a wide range of red rugs, from a soft red Hamedan to a fire engine red Kashan. Rugs with a bold red color can be intimidating to work with but you can successfully balance a rich red vintage rug by utilizing the secondary colors found in the rug such as dark blue, ivory or black. Utilizing these secondary colors in your space will help coordinate a better flow through your space rather than having red all over clashing with your décor. Too much red might take you from a passionate and happy space to an overly aggressive look.

Red Hamedan RugA neutral color for your walls is ideal when you have a red carpet. Bold colors on the walls will detract attention from your beautiful rug which should be the centerpiece of your space. If you want to decorate with a darker shade, charcoal grey can often be used successfully on walls in rooms with red rugs. Vintage red Oriental rugs like Persian Kashans also have bold and beautiful patterns that should be embraced. Too much pattern in the rest of your décor will clash with the rug, so it is best to keep a minimalist hand with the rest of your furniture.

Neutral colors for large pieces of furniture also help along with a nice pop of red on your decorative pillows or in pieces of artwork which will add a touch of cohesiveness. Some coffee tables are solid and cover up a lot of the rugs’ design, if you want to display more of your vintage rug use furniture with a glass center so the design shows through. Also, just because you have an antique or vintage rug doesn’t mean you stuck decorating with pieces from the same time period!

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