Caucasian Rugs

What Are Caucasian Rugs?

Antique Caucasian rugs were woven in The Caucasus. Caucasian rugs are typically woven with the Turkish knot and are one of the most distinct types of Oriental rug and can be referred to as nomadic masterpieces. The Caucasus is a region at the border of Europe and Asia. The Caucasus Mountains located here act as a natural barrier between Eastern Europe and Western Asia. There are more than 50 ethnic groups living in this region.

Antique Caucasian Rug Designs

While the region was under Persian rule, its weavers maintained older traditionsAntique Caucasian Prayer Rug using bright colors and strong geometric patterns along with human and animal figures rather than adopting the curving designs and floral imagery of Iran. When floral imagery does appear in Caucasian rugs it is typically geometricized and abstract. Antique Caucasian rugs are sought after by designers and collectors alike for their bold colors and striking patterns. They are normally found in smaller sizes in rich colors. 

There are many different motifs and symbols found in Caucasian rugs including botehs, amulets, geometric flowers including carnations, cloud bands, crabs, crosses, diamonds, trees, dragons, leaves, hands, human figures, numbers, peacocks, stars, tarantulas, other animal figures and more. Rosettes, stars and medallions are commonly found in the borders as well as the running dog design and the kufic border design.






Materials & Colors in Caucasian Rugs

Antique Caucasian RugAntique Caucasian rugs were usually woven with short wool piles on wool foundations and the wool was dyed with natural dyes derived from plants, herbs, minerals and other naturally occurring sources. These colors included deep greens, vibrant yellows and deep rose tones. Weft threads can be different colors including red, brown, blue or white, and are typically red in the Kazak district. The colors of selvedges can often be an identifier to the area of origin of a particular carpet. When synthetic dyes appeared in the 1860's, dyers began to incorporate them into their wool.

Types Of Caucasian Rugs

Several types of Caucasian rugs include the Akstafa with it's identifiable peacock bird motifs, the Kazak with prayer designs or geometric tribal designs and the Karabagh with either floral or geometric designs. Antique Caucasian rug designs, especially those found in Kazak rugs, are copied today in modern rugs. Antique Caucasian rug prices are generally on the higher end because of their desirability among collectors. Learn about the other types of Caucasian rugs and enjoy browsing our selection of antique Caucasian rugs for sale. 

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