4' x 6'

Decorating with 4x6 Oriental Rugs

Oriental area rugs are ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, entryways and more. 4x6 Persian rugs are perfect for accenting other area rugs, or standing alone as the focal piece on a floor. In a small space a 4x6 rug can fill a room, while in a larger space it can be utilized as an accent rug. If you are looking for a slightly larger rug, check our 4x7 rug section out. Or, if you are looking for a small rug browse our 2x3 rugs, 2x4 rugs, or 3x5 rugs.

4x6 antique rugWe carry 4x6 rugs in a variety of styles and colors, including Turkish, Caucasian and Chinese rugs. These rugs are perfect for decorating as a farmhouse kitchen rug, a bedroom rug, or as a rustic living room accent piece. 

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