2' x 3'

Small Persian Rugs

Small Oriental rugs are perfect for entryways, the first piece of art your guests see when they step in your house. Small Persian rugs and Turkish rugs for bathrooms have become more popular recently with their versatility in size and style. The 2x3 wool rugs below are perfect for small spaces like in front of a vanity in the bathroom, as well as on landings and in kitchens. Rugs of this size also look great when they are mounted on a wall. If you are looking for a slightly larger scatter rug, browse our selection of 2x4 rugs or 3x5 rugs.

2x3 Persian rug

We also have small Chinese rugs, 2x3 Turkish rugs and other styles available including rugs from India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and the Caucasus. 2x3 Turkish rugs include Kilims, Yastiks and Spartas. Kilims and Sparta Turkish rugs are available in larger sizes as well. Yastiks were traditionally used as seat cushions or small rugs to sit on.

How to Decorate with Small Persian Rugs

These small rugs are also perfect for the beginner. They offer an easy way to learn how to decorate with Oriental rugs. They can be used almost anywhere throughout your home. They are easy to decorate with and can be combined with one another to create different decorating styles. Small antique Persian rugs and distressed Persian rugs are perfect for bedrooms while sturdier mats work in kitchens and entryways. If you are looking to add a small Oriental rug to your space you should also consider using a rug pad underneath the rug so you won't have any problems with slippage. 

Decorating Larger Spaces With Smaller Rugs

A great tip when you are trying to decorate a large space such as a living room Persian Karajaon a budget is to layer rugs. Choose an affordable, neutral large rug for the base and layer smaller rugs on top. In this living room situation the designer layers a bright and bold kilim on a neutral sisal rug. This grounds the room, keeps the budget low and still manages to achieve a stylish look. Although runners have been popular in recent kitchen designs, a pair of complementary, small Persian rugs will also fill a narrow kitchen space nicely. 

When using several small vintage Persian rugs to decorate the space it is a good idea to have a common theme. Whether they have complementary color schemes, designs or similar origins like two Persian Karaja rugs for example.

Very Small Oriental Rugs or Mini Rugs

Mini Rug BokharaOccasionally our shop will get a couple of mini rugs in. These mini rugs are very small Oriental rugs and are also known as samplers. Before the internet came around, rug dealers would make samples of colors and patterns in small sizes to show their customers. This way it was easier than hauling a 10x13 room-size carpet around for customers to sample in their home. This idea is similar to using a swatch of fabric. In the past our shop has also had a runner with different sections of weavings as a small example of what a weaver could create.  We also have a store with our small Oriental rugs on eBay where we are proud to say we have 100% positive feedback on all of our transactions. 

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