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2' x 3'

Small Persian Rugs

Small Persian rugs are ideal for entryways, bathrooms, landings and kitchens. Rugs of this size also look great when they are mounted on a wall. If you are looking for a slightly larger scatter rug, browse our selection of 2x4 rugs or 3x5 rugs.

2x3 Persian rug

We also have small Chinese rugs, Turkish rugs and other styles available including rugs from India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and the Caucasus.

How to Decorate with Small Persian Rugs

These small rugs are also perfect for the beginner. They offer an easy way to learn how to decorate with Oriental rugs. They can be used almost anywhere throughout your home. They are easy to decorate with and can be combined with one another to create different decorating styles. Small distressed Persian rugs are perfect for bedrooms while sturdier mats work in kitchens and entryways. If you are looking to add a small Oriental rug to your space you should also consider using a rug pad underneath the rug so you won't have any problems with slippage. 

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