White Persian Rugs

Ivory & White Persian Rugs

Ivory is a popular color in Oriental rugs, used as both a field and highlight color. While the colors in these rugs is sometimes referred to as white, they are not the typical devoid of color white we are used to. It has quite a variation in tone from rug to rug as it is usually obtained from un-dyed hand-spun wool. This effect can be seen by placing a piece of white cotton next to the suspected white color on a hand-knotted Persian rug. By doing this you will see the actual variation in the wool color which is especially common in older vintage and antique pieces.

The Meaning of White in Rugs

White Persian RugTones of white and cream are thought to mean purity, cleanliness and innocence. It also represents mourning. Ivory fields are very common in Kazvin Persian rugs as well as some Hamedans, Karajas and Kirmans. Pictured to the left is a Persian Karaja rug with a white field. Shop our ivory and white Persian rugs for sale below.

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