Beige in Oriental Rugs

Beige is more common in contemporary Oriental rugs. Neutral colors like beige and ivory are obtained from un-dyed wool. Because of variations in each dye lot, unless the lots are dyed in the same exact manner, hand knotted beige rugs will have a depth not seen in machine made rugs. These neutral colors such as beige, grey, white, cream and ivory set the tone for your space. If you have other design pieces you want to stand out, a neutral toned rug will ground the space and allow other items to take center stage.

Beige Antique rugWhile the field and main areas are beige, highlight colors can be used to bring out other tones in your space. Yellow dye may also be used at different strengths to obtain a desired beige tone. Yellow vegetable dyes have been traditionally obtained from plant sources. Beige is a common field color for Shirvans, Kirmans and Kazvins. 



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