Afghan Rugs

What is an Afghan Rug?

An Afghan rug is a handmade rug woven in Afghanistan. 

Afghan Rug

Construction of an Afghan Rug

The Persian knot is primarily used in Afghan rugs. Handmade Afghan rugs tend to have more tribal characteristics and darker colors than Persian rugs. 

Afghan Bokhara Weave

What is an Afghan rug made of?

Afghan rugs are usually made with wool piles on wool foundations although newer rugs may have cotton foundations. Highlights and edges may have camel or goat hair accents. 

Types of Afghan Rugs

Bokharas, Baluches and other tribal rugs are common types of handmade Afghan rugs. Bokharas feature rows of traditional gul medallions. Baluch rugs may have prayer or other designs. Animal and human figures can be found in some of these carpets. Baluch prayer rugs and Bokhara designs are the most popular styles of Afghan rugs. Antique Baluch rugs are highly desirable among collectors and designers. These rugs typically feature dark color schemes with a limited color palette. Another common type of Afghan rug is the war rug. These rugs feature scenes and motifs commonly seen in wartime like guns and armored vehicles. 

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