Rug weaving came to India around the 16th century during the time of the Mughals. At this time Indian rugs were highly influenced by Persian culture and mimicked the classic designs of Persian rugs. As weaving grew throughout the country, designs began to reflect Indian lifestyles and culture.


The decline of the Mughal empire was accompanied by a decline in rug making which was revived by the British in the 19th century. At this time there were two main cities producing rugs: Agra and Amritsar. The antique rugs made in Agra are distinguishable by their vibrant color palettes and fine designs while Amritsar rugs are known for soft earth tone color schemes and more informal designs.

Today, Indian Oriental rugs can be found in a variety of designs, many of which copy traditional antique Persian and Caucasian rug patterns such as the Kazak, and Heriz. Shop our selection of Indian rugs for sale below.

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