Pakistan Rugs

What are Pakistan Rugs?

Pakistan rugs are hand knotted rugs woven in the area of Pakistan. Generally Pakistan rugs are woven with Persian knots. The pile is typically wool woven on a cotton foundation.

Many of these rugs have a relatively thick pile and are woven with a soft, high quality wool. Pakistan rugs come in a variety of designs, but the most common design style of Pakistan rugs is the Bokhara. This style is derived from the original Bokharas hand woven by nomadic Turkmen tribes.

Pakistan Bokhara rugs come in almost any color imaginable and are easily identified by their characteristic rows of gul medallions. Antique Caucasian patterns such as geometric Kazak designs are also reproduced in Pakistan Oriental rugs. Persian designs are also seen in Pakistan rugs. Shop our selection of Pakistan rugs for sale.

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