Caucasian Rug Types

Some Caucasian Rug Types:

Akstafa Rugs

Akstafa Rug

Akstafa rugs are woven with the Turkish knot and are similar to Shirvan rugs. They are easily recognized by a unique geometric peacock motif. Read more about Akstafas.

Baku Rugs

Named after the city of Baku, the majority of Baku rugs have a distinct pattern of large, rectilinear pear motifs throughout the field. Blue, cream, ivory and yellow are common in color schemes of Bakus. These rugs are woven with Turkish knots. Read more about Bakus.

Chi Chi Rugs

Chi Chi Rug

Chi Chi rugs are woven by a tribe called the Tchechen who inhabit the mountains of northwest Daghestan. Chi Chi rugs are very rare and popular with collectors. The field is typically blue or red and they are woven with Turkish knots. Read more about Chi Chis.

Daghestan Rugs

Daghestan Rug

Daghestan rugs are woven in the northeastern region of the Caucasus. Prayer designs are very common, the mihrabs are always six-sided and the field is almost always covered with a diamond trellis pattern holding polychrome flowers. The field color is typically a shade of ivory. Read more about Daghestans.

Derbend Rugs

Derbend rugs are made in the port of Derbent. These rugs follow the Daghestan design closely with lattice patterns and geometric flowers. Read more about Derbends.

Gendje Rugs

Gendje Rug

Gendje typically feature a pale color scheme with yellow, red, white and blue. They are common in long runner sizes. These rugs can have a wide variety of designs including stylized flowers, crosses, and most often long, colorful stripes with a variety of figures within them. Read more about Gendjes.

Karabagh Rugs

Karabagh rugs are woven in the southern region of the Caucasus. They feature a variety of floral and geometric designs and are woven with the Turkish knot. Read more about Karabaghs

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