4 Things to Do With Your Old Persian Rug

Old, antique and vintage Oriental rugs are a hot commodity. Some rugs like the worn Karaja pictured below are perfect to lay on top of a rug pad and walk on.

Vintage Persian Rug

Other old rugs are better in lower traffic areas (think bedrooms where shoes are not worn). Even still there are rugs handed down through generations, or spotted in an antique shop that are simply too worn to lay on a floor. So the question arises: what can you do with your beautifully worn antique rug? 

1. You can hang it. Hanging rugs on walls is not just for your local rug shop. Check out our how to hang a rug guide and get your antique or vintage rug hung up on your wall for everyone to appreciate. 

2. You can frame it. Recently more shops have been offering a framed piece of antique rug. Obviously this option is ideal if your rug has been worn beyond repair, and wouldn't fit hanging on your wall. This is a perfect way to display specific sections of your favorite rug on your wall without looking tacky. Here is an example of a framed fragment.

3. Make a pillow, chair or ottoman. A pillow being the most affordable option, repurposing rugs has been around forever. When you have leftover pieces of a rug or a rug with significant damage you can salvage the areas that are still in good shape and use them to make pillows, or upholster chairs or ottomans. Many big time Oriental rug shops offer pillow making, but if you are handy with a sewing machine creating a pillow from your rug at home can be an affordable and fun DIY project. 

4. Use it on a table. Small rugs can be a great accent for a side table or kitchen table.

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