The Perfect Fit and What's New

One of the best parts of our job is seeing our rugs in our customers homes. Just last weekend we got to place one of our rugs with a family member! 

Persian Rug

This Karaja Persian rug was the perfect fit for their space. It was very well maintained in it's original home and for that reason it will be able to be enjoyed for many more generations. Hand knotted Persian rugs truly are treasured heirlooms and I am so excited to see my family getting enjoyment out of them because I have so much passion for antique and vintage rugs. Check out a slightly more worn, room-size Karaja Persian rug.

Mike, Travis and I had a fun trip to the Brimfield fair today but I'll be honest: I didn't buy any rugs. A few years ago we would buy there, but now that we have developed other relationships in the business it's easier to get our customers the best deals through them. 

Speaking of deals, here are a couple beauties that are a super steal with our 15% off coupon running right now (RUG3125):

Persian Rug

The 3' 5 x 4' 9 Persian Karaja rug above is available here > (It happens to be one of my favorite times of the year when my lilacs are in bloom, I love placing the flowers throughout our house to bring their joyful scent inside)

Persian Sarouk

 The super soft 2' 10 x 2' 8 Persian Sarouk pictured above is priced to sell. More details here >

Here is a sneak peak at a couple new ones that just came in today!

Persian Rug Dergazine

A nice Persian Dergazine. 

Persian Rug

I'm thinking this is another Dergazine rug, but definitely some type of Hamedan. 

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