Area Rug Size Guide

Choosing an area rug size for rooms really depends on the look you are trying to achieve. This area rug size guide outlines possible options you have when choosing a rug size for different rooms in your home.

Persian Rug

1. When choosing a rug for a living room sometimes the customer places the front feet of the sofa on the rug and puts the occasional chairs completely on the carpet.

2. A standard area rug size to fit a room is to leave 1 ft. (~0.3048 m) of flooring showing all around the carpet. Of course, if you have an open plan larger room, then the carpet should ground the furniture in the space only.

3. The area rug size is more critical when you are buying for a dining room. To protect the edges of the carpet, you should measure how far the chairs will be pulled out when the diner is seating himself. You don’t want the legs of the chairs to catch the edges of the carpet. Constant scuffing of the edges of your carpet with heavy chairs will soon cause damage.

Dining Room Persian Rug

4. If you are buying a rug as a feature in your room, maybe to put under a coffee table, then you want at least 8 in.(~20 cm) of carpet to be visible all around the table.

Notes on choosing an area rug size:

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