Top 5 Rugs to Turn Your Bathroom Into an Oasis

If you are looking to give your bathroom a makeover, or maybe you are ready to replace that old shag rug, the following 5 rugs are my top picks for turning your bathroom into something really fantastic.

1. A Blue Art Deco Nichols Chinese rug, 2' 4 x 4' 6

Chinese Nichols Rug

The perfect size for in front of a vanity, this rug features a thick, plush wool pile and some really unusual vegetation motifs in bright highlight colors.  

2. A Persian Prayer Rug, 3' 2 x 5' 5

Persian Prayer Rug

This beautiful prayer rug features a tree of life motif leading to a variety of floral sprays and birds. One step on this soft, silky pile and you will feel like royalty.

3. A Chinese Silk Rug, 2' 1 x 4' 7

Chinese Silk Rug

This rug is one of my personal favorites. It has a super soft and silky pile with very intricate floral motifs. Two striking birds sit atop a piece of vegetation and this rug emanates luxury.

4. Chinese Nichols Rug, 2' 6 x 4' 7

CHinese Nichols Rug

Another sweet and beautiful Nichols Chinese rug featuring birds and intricate floral tendrils. This rug features a nice soft and thick pile. If you keep any rugs near wet areas be sure to proactively check them for signs of prolonged moisture to prevent damage. 

5. Lastly, a vintage Persian Kirman rug, 2' 2 x 4' 1

Persian Kirman Rug

This beauty features curvilinear floral patterns in bright, eye-catching colors. If you want a statement piece in your bathroom this one will definitely rise to the occasion. 


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