How Expensive is a Persian rug?

The average price at for a 4x6 Persian rug is around $400. This price does vary depending on quality, age, design and several other factors.

Variables Affecting the Prices of Persian Rugs

There is quite a wide price range in the Oriental rug market, much like there is for fine art. The most expensive Persian rug ran for nearly $34 million dollars. The typical buyer shouldn't expect to pay millions of dollars for a Persian rug. Rugs selling at that level are usually being bought by private collectors. The price you pay depends on a variety of factors including: condition, materials, quality, age, design, size, origin, colors and demand among others. It also depends on who is selling you the carpet. 

Cheaper Persian Rugs

The lower price end includes rugs found at yard sales, smaller auction houses, flea markets and fairs. Sometimes sellers don't know the rug they have is something special, or they may be trying to get rid of it without caring about the price they get. In these situations you may be able to get a great deal on a really special Persian rug although it may be more difficult to find a rug that meets all of your specifications. 

Expensive Persian Rugs

The higher price end includes higher end Oriental rug dealers, and some of the best auction houses. At auction houses you run into some competition if two or more people are after the same rug. The price the rug sells for is dictated by demand in this situation.  

Discount Persian Rugs

Not all rugs fall into these two extreme categories. Great deals can be found at Estate Sales, eBay, Etsy and at At we offer vintage and antique Persian rugs at discount prices. We price our rugs competitively and try to get you the best price for our hand knotted Persian carpets. If you find the rug of your dreams here and it is slightly out of your budget we happily consider all offers. 

Learning About Persian Rugs

Regardless of where you find your rugs, it is a good idea to know a little bit about what you are looking for and how to distinguish between hand made and machine made rugs. Follow our guide to identifying authentic Oriental rugs > Learn the basics of Oriental rugs here >

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