September Deals & New Additions

Rugs, Rugs, Rugs, and more RUGS. This last week we were adding rugs almost daily to the shop and more are coming. 

This one of a kind Persian Lilihan was just listed seconds ago:

It measures 4' 6 x 6' 11. The design is so unique and this rug has some serious personality. This is the first antique Lilihan I have had in the shop that has not had a painted field. These rugs were originally washed and painted like Sarouks in deep pink and purple tones to better appeal to Western tastes. Check it out >

Seeing double? These two Persian Karaja rugs are almost identical with matching color schemes and designs. Some minor details in the borders and edging distinguish these two as one of a kind pieces. 

The edges are my favorite feature of these rugs. Typical Karaja edges have alternating colors every few inches and these don't fail to impress with a variety of attractive blue tones. 

(Link to shop in photos)

If you like Chinese rugs, this vintage Nichols is a stunner with a pretty sweet color scheme. 

Two more rugs including a 2' 8 x 3' 6 Hamedan:

Persian Hamedan Rug

I love the colors and all-over boteh design in this little cutie. We have a lot of Hamedans come through our shop but once in a while we get a real nice one like this that I find hard to let go. Check it out >

Lastly, this little pink Lilihan measures 2' 7 x 3' 11 and has a really cool design. This pattern reminds me of a tattoo-

We have also been trying to add videos to some of our products so keep an eye out for those and enjoy browsing the new selection!


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