January Rug Highlights

Thanks to a mini "heat wave" almost all of the snow dumped on us last week has melted! We have been busy all week long cleaning and repairing some real beauties to list next week, so keep your eyes out for those. Meanwhile here are a couple recently added to the site:

Antique Turkoman Rug

Above is a nicely preserved, almost square, antique Turkoman prayer rug measuring 3' 11 x 4' 4. It was finely woven with a high quality wool pile and foundation. This rug would be perfect for a medium to low traffic area. 

Dergazine Rug

Below is a vintage Persian Dergazine rug measuring 2' 8 x 4'. It is the perfect size for a kitchen, entry way or to accent a larger carpet.

Lastly we have a newer rug modeled after traditional Baluch styles. A strong tribal pattern and bold colors give this rug all the character it needs to perfect your space.

Check out the rest of our rugs >

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