Finding an Oriental Rug to Match Your Style

When choosing an Oriental rug for your home, you must first decide if you want a machine made rug or a handmade rug. An authentic handmade Oriental rug is a one of a kind piece, woven by an expert weaver. Much like snowflakes, no two hand knotted Oriental rugs are identical. This is why a handmade Oriental rug adds character to the space it is in.

Persian Lilihan Rug

An authentic Oriental rug may have differences in the design from one end to the other. A weaver may add a signature, or a symbol to represent themselves. Perhaps a weaver adds a smaller flower at one end rather than a larger flower making the rug unsymmetrical. As seen in the picture below, machine made Oriental rugs have a very uniform style and are almost always perfectly symmetrical. These rugs also cost much less than an authentic Oriental rug.

Machine Made Rug

After deciding whether you want a machine made Oriental rug or a handmade Oriental rug, the next step is to find the right style. Oriental rugs come in a variety of styles including Tribal, Floral, Medallions, or Geometric. Persian rugs often have floral motifs for example, while Turkish rugs have a more tribal design.

Persian Sarouk Rug

Above is a Persian Sarouk rug with a typical all-over floral pattern.

Turkish Rug

Here is a more tribal-looking Turkish carpet.

If you are looking for an antique Oriental rug with a little wear check out our Antique & Vintage rug selection. Handmade Oriental rugs do hold their value well and it is well known that they become more beautiful with age.

If you are looking for a new Oriental rug, check out our more modern options.
After deciding on design, age, and quality you will want to decide on a color.

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