Adding Distressed Rugs

Many of our rugs have been very well preserved and are in great condition for their age. Sometimes, however, we get distressed antique rugs and carpets in that are perfect for decorating rustic and shabby chic spaces.

Here are three freshly added (tonight) perfectly worn hand-knotted rugs for your viewing pleasure:

First, a nice semi-antique Persian Melayer, roughly 4x6.

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This Melayer would look great in a kitchen. Although it displays some age, this rug was woven to last generations and still has many years left.

For a more tribal look, here is a vintage Turkish rug.

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The borders and highlights are a striking shade of blue. This rug would be perfect in a low-traffic area like a bedroom.

Last, but definitely not least, a stunning Persian mat measuring 2' 10 x 4' 6

This rug is my husbands new favorite. It has the perfect amount of wear and such intricate details throughout. I love the jewel-like tones in blue and rust.

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