5 Rug Picks for Tribal Decor

We recently added a new selection of nomadic and tribal rugs in our rugs by style section. There are a lot of designers looking for bold and eclectic one of a kind pieces which describe rugs featured in this section perfectly. 

Here are our current top 5 picks in the tribal rug category:


Persian Kurdistan Tribal Rug Runner

Starting off with a runner. If you have read our guide on tribal rugs you will know most of these pieces were woven by nomadic and semi nomadic people on horizontal looms. These looms do restrict the width of the rug being woven but they do not restrict the length, making long runners a popular choice for those looking to complete the tribal look in their space.


Antique Tribal Afshar Rug

This beauty is an antique. The colors have aged to perfection and the design is a classic all-over boteh pattern. This rug is a conversation starter and would be perfect in a space to bring out bright blues, greens or rust tones.


Tribal Shiraz rug

This is the perfect example of a Shiraz. All wool, with a bold tribal design and color scheme this vintage beauty has a soft pile and is ready to roll out. 


Turkish Tribal Rug

The colors in this piece are absolutely stunning. Blue and rich red-brown breathe life into this one of a kind rug. There is moderate wear throughout so this rug would be best kept in a low traffic area.  


Afshar Rug

Finishing off with a second Afshar rug because they are one of my favorites. This rug has some seriously nice abrash going on with a rust field and soothing blue highlights. The stepped medallions highlighted with ivory really make this rug stand out. 

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