Shirvan Rugs

What Are Shirvan Rugs?

Shirvan rugs are a type of Caucasian rug woven in the southeastern region of the Caucasus.

Materials & Structure of Shirvan Rugs

Most Caucasian Shirvan rugs are made entirely of wool, although some may utilize cotton weft threads and edge cord. They usually come in small sizes, and are occasionally observed in the runner format. They are woven with the Turkish knot. Shirvans are not quite as finely woven as Kubas but they are finer than the typical Caucasian Kazak rug. They generally feature two cord edges.

Colors & Designs in Shirvan Rugs

Shirvan rugs come in a limited variety of colors with blue and beige commonly found in the background. Repeating patterns, prayer designs, and star medallions are some of the design types found in Shirvan rugs. It is important to be familiar with the weave and common colors found in Shirvans to be able to identify them as different rugs can feature a wide variety of distinct designs. They often feature a wine-glass and serrated leaf border.

Shirvan Rug

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