Qashqai Rugs

What Are Qashqai Rugs?

Qashqai (Ghashghairugs are tribal rugs woven by the Qashqai people in Southwestern Iran. Originally known as nomads, many have settled more permanently.

Materials & Structure of Qashqai Rugs

Qashqai rugs are typically made with 100% wool, a wool pile woven on a wool foundation occasionally with goat hair accents. Newer rugs may utilize cotton weft threads. These rugs are usually medium size or smaller. Another popular piece is the saddlebag Qashqai which was originally woven for personal use.

The wool found in Qasqai rugs is of high quality. With age, the original vegetable dyes used in these rugs become more jewel-like and are accented by the sheen in the wool used to weave these pieces. 

Qashqai rugs have a high knot density making them quite durable although the pile is typically clipped short.

Colors & Designs in Qashqai Rugs

Qashqai rugs are known for their bright color schemes often featuring reds, blues and ivory. Designs include a variety of arranged medallions, animal motifs, star shapes and more tribal patterns. The arrangement of medallions often depends on the family traditions of the weaver as these designs are passed on through generations. In older times weavers could weave designs based on memory. 

Similarities in design may be noticed among Qashqai rugs, Turkmen carpets and some Caucasian rugs. 

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