Kazak Rugs

What is a Kazak Rug?

Kazak rugs are a type of Caucasian rug and are one of the most famous types of Oriental carpets. They were woven in the Southern region of the Caucasus and are very popular among collectors and retail customers. Kazak designs feature bold, contrasting colors and large, simple geometric designs. The field usually includes one or more large geometric medallions that may be surrounded by smaller geometric motifs like those seen in the antique Kazak carpet pictured below.

Kazak Rug

Materials used in Kazak Rugs

Antique Kazak rugs are woven with wool pile on a wool foundation. Knots are Turkish and they usually have brown or red weft threads. The wool pile is usually slightly thicker when compared to other closely clipped types of Caucasian rugs.

Designs Found in Kazak Rugs

Because Kazak rugs are not woven by a single ethnic group, designs have a lot of variety. Most designs are geometric in nature and tribal looking. Designs may include medallions, single or double prayer patterns, geometricized animal figures and more.

Prices of Kazak Rugs

The Kazak rugs we carry are usually between 65-100 years old. For a Kazak in good condition of area rug size the price will be somewhere around $600-900. As with all hand knotted Oriental rugs, prices vary based on condition, age and the dealer. 

Modern Kazaks

Below is a modern Turkish version of a Kazak design. Kazak rugs are now woven in Turkey, but originated in The Caucasus. Modern copies of Caucasian Kazak rugs are also made in India and Pakistan. The pile is wool and the foundation is typically wool but can also be cotton. Designs feature simple, yet bold geometric patterns. Color schemes include red, rust, blue, green, yellow and ivory.

Red Kazak Rug

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