Kabudrahang Rugs

What are Kapoutrang Rugs?

Kabudrahang (Kapoutrang, Kabutarhang) rugs are a type of Persian rug. They are woven in the northeast region of the Hamedan province in Iran.


Red Persian Kapoutrang Rug


Designs in Kapoutrang Rugs

Kapoutrang rugs typically feature a diamond-like center medallion surrounded by floral sprays. Some may feature a European floral border with a solid field design like the Persian rug pictured below. Others have more discreet floral medallions like the one pictured above. Designs are similar to Dergazine rugs and often compared to Mehriban carpets, although they are less fine.

Kapoutrang Persian Rug

Colors in Kapoutrang Rugs

The main field color of Kapoutrang rugs is usually red or ivory with ivory being slightly less common. Highlight colors often include blue, pink, red and ivory.


Kapoutrang Rug

Structure of Kapoutrang Rugs

They are woven with Turkish knots on a cotton foundation using the traditional single-wefted Hamedan style weave. Kapoutrang rugs normally come in large room-sizes.

Kapoutrang Rug Weave

Kapoutrang rug weave

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