What Are Afshar Rugs?

Afshar rugs are a type of Persian rug. These rugs are woven by the Afshar tribe around the area of Kerman and southeastern Iran. These rugs are known for their stylized floral geometricized designs and a color palette of rust, ivory and blue tones.

Materials In Afshar Rugs

Older Afshar rugs had wool foundations, however cotton foundations are common in newer rugs. Afshars from the 19th century are known for their high quality craftsmanship and materials. The wool was rich in lanolin which contributed to the sheen seen in older Afshar rugs.

Afshar Rug Designs

They have similar designs to Caucasian rugs including geometric and rectilinear patterns. Kurdish influences can also be observed in some Afshar rugs. All-over boteh patterns, one or several medallions with diamond patterns, tulip lattice patterns, and the tree of life can be found in Afshar rugs.

Some experts believe Afshar weavers may have been the first to use botehs in their pieces. The most easily identified design is that of three connected vertical medallions seen in the photo below. Predominant colors include red, rust, blue, brown, and ivory. Some Afshars have a larger variety of colors and designs including bird and animal motifs.

Persian Afshar Rug

Sizes of Afshar Rugs

Antique Afshar rugs are typically found in smaller area rug sizes and are less likely to be found as larger, room-size carpets. This is because they were usually woven by nomadic weavers on horizontal looms. They are also found as bags. Many older Afshar rugs come in more square sizes than the typical standard Persian rug sizes. For example they may measure closer to a 4x5 than a 4x6.

Persian Afshar Rug Weave

Afshar Rug Prices

Like other Persian rugs, Afshars vary in price depending on materials and construction. Newer, coarsely woven Afshars are more affordable, whereas you can pay up to several thousand for a well-made, well-preserved antique Afshar rug. We sell our vintage Afshar rugs around $350-$400 for an area rug.

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