Bakhtiari Rugs

What are Bakhtiari Rugs?

Bahktiari (Bactiyari) rugs are a type of tribal Persian rug woven in west central Iran by members of the Bakhtiari tribal group. Older Bakhtiaris are popular among dealers and collectors, for that reason they are often more expensive than those made around the 1960's and later. 

Bakhtiari Rug

Bakhtiari Rugs Designs

Common designs can include the garden design of paneled medallions which are filled with a variety of patterns including geometricized trees, flowers or animals similar to the design in the rug pictured below. 

Baktiari Rug

Bakhtiari Rug Colors

Color schemes include deep, dark, rich tones of red and blue with yellow, brown, green and ivory highlights. 

Bakhtiaris Structure & Materials

These rugs are often woven with Turkish knots. The wool used for the pile of the rug is usually glossy and of high quality. The pile is clipped to a medium length. The foundation is cotton. They may have either single wefts like Hamedans or double wefts. Their single wefts are slightly thicker than those used in Hamedan carpets. Weft threads may be dyed blue.

Bibibaff is a term used for Bakhtiaris with a very high knot density. These rugs are super fine and very rare to find. Typically, Bakhtiari rugs are very strong and long-lasting.

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Baktiari Rug Weave

Persian Bakhtiari Rug

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