Abadeh Rugs

Persian Abadeh Rugs

Abadeh rugs are a type of Persian rug woven in the city of Abadeh. These rugs most closely resemble Shiraz rugs, which can be attributed to the geographical location of Abadeh between Isfahan and Shiraz. Shiraz rugs typically have wool foundations while Abadeh carpets usually have cotton foundations. Abadeh carpets are generally finer than Shiraz rugs and often have blue cotton weft threads. These rugs were inspired by the Qashqai. 

Abadeh Rug

Colors & Designs

Red, brown, black, ivory and blue are common colors in these rugs. A large hexagonal medallion is typically in the center with smaller medallions in the corners like the Abadeh rug pictured above. Small bird and animal motifs paired with geometric shapes fill the field. These rugs are tightly woven and have a thick, dense wool pile. This makes them very durable and perfect for a higher traffic area that another Persian rug type might not work in.


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