Jozan Rugs

Jozan (Josan) rugs are a type of Persian rug woven in the northwestern region of Iran. Usually Jozan rugs are similar to 20th century Sarouk rugs. Jozan rugs typically have a central medallion surrounded by all-over geometricized floral motifs.

Typical colors in Jozans include tones of blue, pink, ivory and red. They are usually woven with wool on a cotton foundation. They are hand knotted with Turkish Knots, typically have blue wefts threads, and are double wefted. These rugs are durable, and they feature attractive designs and color schemes.

Jozan Rug

Blue weft threads can be seen in the photo of the weave of a Jozan rug below.

Jozan Rug Weave

More examples of Jozan rugs:

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