Jessie's Oriental Rugs FAQ's

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions we receive about our business and Oriental rugs in general:

Do your measurements include the fringe?

  • Yes, all of our measurements include the fringe at the ends.

Are your rugs cleaned?

  • Yes, all of our rugs are professionally cleaned before being listed on our site.

Do you consider offers on your rugs?

  • Yes, we do consider offers on our rugs and provide a Make an Offer button on all of our product pages for offer submission.

Oriental Rug Questions:

What is an Oriental Rug?

  • Oriental rugs are defined as any rug hand made in a broad geographical area stretching from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific.

What is a Persian Rug?

  •  Persian rugs are actually a type of Oriental rug woven in Persia, which is now known as Iran

What is a Turkish rug?

  • Turkish Rugs are a type of Oriental rug woven in Turkey

How do I wash an Oriental rug?

How do I take care of a handmade rug?