Tabriz Rugs

What is a Tabriz rug?

Tabriz rugs are a type of Persian rug woven in the northwest of Iran near the Turkish border.

Tabriz is the capital of the province of Azerbijan, and is one of the leading carpet-weaving centers of the world. Tabriz has been on a popular route of caravans passing south and east through the country for many years. Its location is one of the major contributing factors to its popularity as a trading center. Many of the earlier Tabriz weavers were Kurds.

Antique Tabriz carpets are very popular among collectors. 

Tabriz Rug

Designs In Tabriz Rugs

The most popular designs in Tabriz rugs are the hunting design, tree of life and prayer. Other designs include medallions and all-over patterns that often incorporate palmettes. Note the tree of life pattern below, many Tabriz designs incorporate animals.

Tree of life Tabriz rug

Colors In Tabriz Rugs

Blue, Orange, Ivory, Green and more colors can be found in Tabriz carpets.

Structure of Tabriz carpets

Antique Tabriz rugs incorporated Persian knots while those made in more recent years utilize Turkish knots. The foundation is normally cotton, although some more notable rugs utilize silk. These rugs are very durable because of their heavy wefting in the foundations. Tabriz designs are widely copied in Indian rugs.

Tabriz Prayer Rug


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