Melayer Rugs

What is a Melayer rug?

Melayer rugs (Malayer) are a type of Persian rug woven in the southern region of the Hamedan province between Hamedan and Arak.  They are finely woven with the typical single-wefted Hamedan weave and Turkish knots.

melayer rug

Designs In Melayer Rugs

Melayers come in a wide variety of patterns including all-over designs with geometric elements such as the one pictured above.

Colors In Melayer Rugs

Melayer carpets utilize a wide color palette. They often feature tones of blue, red, ivory, and brown.

Structure of Melayers

Melayer rugs typically feature fine weaves with Turkish knots and the standard Hamedan weave with a single weft. 

Melayer rug weave

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