Borchelou Rugs

What are Borchelou Rugs?

Not to be confused with the Caucasian Bordjalou, Bourchelou rugs are a type of Persian rug woven in the Hamedan region of Iran. As with other types of Hamedans, Borchelou rugs utilize the Hamedan weave.

Persian Borchelou Rug

Designs in Borchelou Rugs

Borchelou rugs typically feature floral patterns with a single central medallion. Medallions are typically curvilinear.

Colors in Borchelou Rugs

These rugs follow a similar color theme to other types of Hamedan rugs with several more highlight colors. Red, Blue and Ivory are common ground colors with many bright highlight colors including yellow, green, pink, and more.

Borchelou Rug

Structure of Borchelou Rugs

They are woven with wool pile on a cotton foundation. Like other Hamedan rugs the weave is woven with a single weft between rows of Turkish knots. The pile is of medium height and the wool used for the pile is usually soft with a nice sheen.

These rugs usually come in a variety of runner sizes and small scatter rug sizes.

Borchelou Rug Weave


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