Blue Oriental Rugs

Blue Oriental Rugs

Blue Oriental rugs are close in popularity to red. Cool colors like blue, purple and green are relaxing and calming. Because they recede, they are perfect for decorating small rooms to make them appear larger.

Blue Vegetable Dye

Blue Persian Karaja rugAs a vegetable dye blue is derived from indigo and is thought to mean strength, force or solitude. Blue dye was originally obtained by extracting and fermenting indican from the leaves of an indigo plant. Blue was also used with yellow dye to form green

Complementary Colors

Blue rugs fit with almost any decorating style. They complement natural tones, orange, red (especially for a coastal or patriotic theme), and white & grey color schemes.

Types of Oriental Rugs with Blue

Blue tones are commonly found in Peking Chinese rugs, many Persian carpets, styles of Hamedans and many other types of Oriental rugs. Shop our selection of blue Persian rugs for sale below, and if you don't find the rug your looking for today send us an email with your specifications and we can keep an eye out for you.

Decorating with Blue Persian rugs

Of all the colors of vintage rugs we sell, our blue and red vintage rugs are among the most popular among customers. Decorating with a blue rug is easy depending on the room you are working in. Bright blue rugs are complemented with soft neutral colors. If you want a bolder look go with darker neutral colors like dark brown and charcoal. Ivory and white are great accent colors to use in your decorating pieces.

Blue is very popular with coastal and Cape style décor for obvious reasons. Sharp white and yellow accents work well with vintage blue rugs especially if they are secondary colors in the rug itself. Stripes are common in nautical décor and may complement your rug depending on its pattern.  Peach, terra cotta and tangerine are all complementary to blue tones and depending on the color of your rug and your taste you can use these colors for a striking look.

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