Bidjar Rugs

What is a Bidjar Rug?

Bidjar rugs are a type of hand knotted Persian rug. Handmade Bijar rugs are woven in the town of Bijar in the Kurdistan province of Iran. These rugs are nicknamed the "Iron rug of Persia" due to their dense pile and unique weave which make them long-wearing.

Patterns and Colors in Bidjar Rugs

Persian Kurd Bidjar RugCommon patterns include large center medallions, the herati design, or fine arabesque designs. There are so many different designs found in Bidjars, typically it is easier to identify a Bidjar based on it's unique weave. Red, Blue, Brown and Ivory are common colors found in Bidjars.

They are mostly woven with the Turkish knot and modern Bidjars are woven on cotton foundations. Above is a wool on wool Persian Kurd Bidjar with a central medallion. The main border features a common design found in Bidjar rugs with a muted color scheme. Bidjar rugs come in a variety of sizes from 2x3 to 12x16.

Modern Bidjar Rugs

Persian Bidjars can still be found today, although some do not compare to antique originals Bidjars made in Iran are still highly desirable and very well constructed.

Bidjar Style Rugs Woven in India

Copies of traditional Bidjars are woven today in India. Indian Bidjar rugs are not as fine and long-wearing, however if you are on a tight budget they offer an affordable alternative. Note the very fine weave of the small Persian Bidjar below.

Bidjar Rug

Bidjar Rug Weave

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