Bibikabad Rugs

What are Bibikabad Rugs?

Bibikabad rugs are a type of Persian rug woven in the Hamedan region of Iran.

Designs in Bibikabad rugs

The design usually focuses on one or several large medallions surrounded by an all-over herati pattern. 

Colors in Bibikabad rugs

They often have a traditional red or blue field with ivory, green and blue highlights. Some have richer color palettes while others feature more muted tones.

Structure of Bibikabads

They are woven with Turkish knots. The foundation is usually cotton with a wool pile. Bibikabad rugs are single-wefted like other Hamedan rug types. They are often found in large room-sizes as seen below.

Bibikabad Rug

Red Bibikabad Rug

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