Bergama Rugs

What Are Bergama Rugs?

Bergama (Bergamo) rugs are a type of Turkish rug woven in northwest Turkey.

Materials & Structure of Bergama Rugs

Bergamas are known for the high quality wool used in the weaving process. Red weft threads are very common in Bergama rugs and are an easy feature to look for on the back of the carpet to identify a Bergama. Turkish knots are used in weaving Bergamas. Newer rugs may have cotton foundations while older Bergama rugs would have wool. Fringe ends are usually finished with a Kilim weave selvedge. Bergamas come in smaller sizes and can often be found in square shapes.

Colors & Designs in Bergama Rugs

There are several different types of Turkish rugs that are often classified as Bergamas including the Yuntdag, Ezine, Canakkale and the Yagcibedir which can be seen below. Red, Blue and Ivory are among the most common colors seen in Bergamas. Panels, geometric stars, and other designs similar in style to Caucasian rugs are common in Bergama rugs. Although they have similar designs to some Caucasian rugs they carry a looser weave and their pile is usually slightly longer than a Caucasian rug resulting in a more blankety feel.

Bergama Rug

Note the red wefts in the weave of the Yagcibedir rug pictured above.

Bergama Rug Weave

Bergama rugs earlier than the 17th century are rare and are usually found as fragments. 

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