What is a Baluch rug?

A Baluch (also called a Baluchi, Balochi or Balouch) rug is a hand-knotted rug made originally by Baluch nomads generally living near the borders of Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan. This area was once called Baluchistan. They have geometric designs including the tree-of-life pattern, prayer style, and classic Bokhara patterns among others. The classic Bokhara design mimics the Turkmen style Bokhara rug with gul medallions. Also like Turkoman rugs, some Baluch rugs do come in square sizes.

Antique Baluch Prayer Rug

Colors & Design in a Baluch Rug

Field colors are typically brown and dyed with corrosive dyes that are easily identified by the uneven wearing down of wool pile where the dye has been used. They also may have camel or ivory colored highlights. These rugs typically have dark, somber shades of red, blue and brown similar to the antique Baluch prayer rug pictured to the left. Small prayer style Baluchs are common with geometric mihrabs. The prayer rug design is especially common in newer carpets. Those with repeating motifs are often arranged diagonally across the field of the rug like the Baluch pictured below.

Tribal Baluch Rug

Antique Baluch Rug

Baluch Rug Materials, Knots & Sizes

These rugs are typically woven with wool pile on a wool foundation, sometimes with goat hair or camel hair accents. Goat hair is common on the edges. The newer Baluch rugs are usually woven on cotton foundations. Baluch rugs are woven with Persian knots. They usually come in smaller sizes from 2x4-4x6 although they are not as easy to find, they can also be found in larger sizes.

Antique Baluch Rugs

We have a variety of antique Baluch rugs for sale as well as some modern pieces. When shopping for an antique Baluch look at the fringe, older pieces are unlikely to have a white cotton foundation and fringe. The pile on newer rugs is still wool, however it is typically clipped longer than the shorter pile of antique Baluch rugs. Antique Baluch rugs have very limited color palettes while newer carpets utilize bolder tones and have a wider variety of colors. Older Baluches are ideal for low traffic areas. If you are looking for a rug for a high traffic area of your home check out some Karajas and Sarouks.

Weave of Antique Baluch

Baluch Rug Prices

Prices of Baluch rugs vary widely depending on age, condition and design. At you might find a 3x5 Baluch rug for $350 or less while elsewhere you may end up paying up to $1200 or more. 


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