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Antique Oriental rugs have long been looked at as a symbol of elegance and character. The oldest known carpet, the Pazyryk carpet estimated to be woven in the 5th century BC is a fine example of antique rug weaving. Antique area rugs are typically labeled as such if they were woven more than 100 years ago, however generally those woven over 70 years ago are often called antique. These rugs were woven exclusively with natural dyes until the late 1800's when synthetic dyes came on the market. At that point many rugs were still woven with naturally dyed wool, and still are even today.

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Little has changed in carpet weaving since it began. Many of the same materials are used and antique patterns including geometric designs, palmettes, and boteh motifs can still be found in carpets woven today. As with many antiques, antique Persian rugs only get better with age as patina develops and rich jewel tones from the natural dyes emerge. As long as your rugs are properly taken care of, they will hold their value as they age. Authentic Oriental rugs are a valuable family heirloom to hold on to. Learn more about how to take care of antique, worn, distressed Persian rugs with our guides.

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The ever-increasing popularity of the internet has allowed more people to access these sought after antique masterpieces. Historically, wealthy people would commission hand knotted rugs to their specifications, or step into a rug dealers shop without worrying about the price tag. Then along came flea markets and estate sales, where if you knew what you were looking for you could get a great deal on a handmade antique carpet for sale. Now, whether you are a rug dealer, interior designer or a home owner, anyone with the internet can hop on to hunt down desirable Persian carpets.

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However, as consumers we must still be diligent and ask questions about these rugs. This is true especially because we cannot see the area rugs in person when purchasing them online. At we offer Free Shipping to you, and a generous 14 day return policy once you receive your rug. View some of our recent customer feedback on our hand knotted rugs on eBay and Etsy.

We know not all computer monitors are the same and some colors may vary on a different screen. Our number one priority is making our customers happy, we want you to love your rug as much as we do. Whether you are looking to add to your growing antique rug collection, or you are just getting started shop our unique one of a kind collection of antique rugs for sale at We also carry vintage rugs, including vintage Persian rugs, vintage Turkish rugs and vintage Caucasian rugs.

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