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Kurdistan Rugs

JessBy Jessica Allan



Kurdistan rugs are a type of Persian rug woven by the Kurds who inhabit areas of Iran, Iraq and Turkey. Kurdistan carpets are typically woven in the Kurdistan province of Iran whose capital is Sanandaj. In particular, those rugs woven in Sanandaj are known as Senneh rugs. These rugs are very thin, with a fine weave and silky pile. Kilim rugs are also woven in this area. Another popular rug woven in Kurdistan is the Bidjar. Bidjar carpets are well known as the Iron Rug of Persia. They have strong foundations and dense piles that hold strong against wear and traffic. 

Aside from Bidjar and Senneh rugs there are many other types of rugs woven in the villages of Kurdistan. Kurdistan rugs typically have a wool foundation, but may also have cotton. They are woven with Turkish knots and wool piles, however goat or camel hair may be used in the pile as well. 

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