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Do It Yourself Rug Guides

 How to Hand Wash Oriental Rugs
Hand Wash an Oriental Rug

Learn how to hand wash your Oriental rugs at home.

 Area Rug Size Guide
Choosing Area Rug Sizes

Tips on choosing an appropriate area rug size for your room.

 Authentic Oriental Rugs Guide
Identifying Authentic Rugs

Tricks to help you identify authentic Oriental Rugs.

 Caring for Oriental Rugs
Caring for Oriental Rugs

How to care for your valuable Oriental rug.

 Cleaning Oriental Rugs
Cleaning Oriental Rugs

Vacuuming methods and how to clean your Oriental rug.

 How to Hang a Rug
How to Hang a Rug

Learn how to hang a rug on a wall.

 Counting Oriental Rug Knots
Counting Rug Knots

How to count and identify the knots in an Oriental rug.

 How to Repair Oriental Rugs
Repairing Oriental Rugs

Different types of repairs for Oriental rugs to help them last. 



Matching Your Style

Finding an antique Oriental rug to match your style.

Rugs For Tribal Decor

The top 5 authentic Oriental rugs for Tribal decor.

Room-Sized Rugs

How to decorate with large room-size Oriental rugs.

Buying Oriental Rugs

How to buy Oriental rugs like a pro.

Moth Damage

Tips on preventing moth damage to your Oriental rugs.

Combining Oriental Rugs

How to combine several Oriental rugs in one space. 


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 Oriental Rug Guides
Oriental Rug Guides

Have you ever wanted to learn more about the different types of Oriental rugs, or how they are made? Check out our Oriental rug guides.











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