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Red Oriental Rugs

Red is Traditional

Red and blue are recognized as two of the most traditional colors of Persian and Oriental rugs. Often thought to represent beauty, wealth, courage and joy, red brings passion and romance to a space with high energy. Bright red Oriental rugs are very popular with interior decorators. It is commonly found in the fields of Hamedans, Kazvins, some Sarouks and Tekke Bokhara rugs among others. The oldest known rug in the world still retains its red dye.

Red as a vegetable dye

When used as a vegetable dye red is derived from madder root and cochineal. The strength of the red tone can be achieved by adjusting the times and lengths of dye baths for the wool. When rugs bleed, red is one of the most common fugitive dye types, so study Oriental rugs well before you purchase them for bleeding.