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March Rug Highlights

Saint Patrick’s Day is one of my favorite holidays. From¬†green beer to leprechauns and Boiled Dinner it’s a day I look forward to every year. Therefore green is the color of the day today, but as I have mentioned in a previous post on Green Dyes one rarely finds this color in very old, antique Persian rugs. I have rounded up a few of the Oriental rugs we have in stock right now that feature either green fields or green highlights.

art deco rug

Art Deco Circular Chinese Oriental rug with a green field and pink border

The Chinese rug above features a soft green field sharply contrasted by a bright pink border, typical of this type of art deco-style Oriental rug.

Persian Rug

Silk Persian Tabriz rug with mint green field that has slight yellow undertones

The elaborate vase and floral design in the prayer rug above is accented by a soft mint green field allowing the highlight colors to shine.

Turkish Rug

Stunning Tribal Turkish Kazak rug with three vertical medallions set in a rich, dark green field

Bold contrasting colors of green, blue and rust red complement the strong geometric design found in this Turkish Kazak rug.

Persian Mashad rug

Intricately woven Persian Mashad rug with subtle green highlights set in a purple field

The Persian Mashad pictured above pulls together a variety of colors and intricate designs without appearing gaudy. If you look closely you will find a luscious shade of green in the floral and leaf motifs.

Persian rug with mint green

Persian Ardebil rug with central medallions set in an ivory field with mint green highlights and minor border

Lastly, we have a classic vintage Persian Ardebil with exciting abstract designs set in an ivory field. The minor borders are a soft shade of mint green reminiscent of mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Check out some of the other rugs we have for sale at JessiesRugs.com and I hope good fortune finds you on this lucky day!