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Finding an Oriental Rug to Match Your Style

Oriental rugs have long been looked at as a symbol of wealth and elegance. Over the years Oriental rugs have lost their appeal with the younger generation, however many of those who were raised with Oriental rugs in their homes never lose their passion for them.

Caucasian Kuba Rug

Antique hand woven Caucasian Oriental rug

When choosing an Oriental rug for your home, you must first decide if you want a machine made rug or a handmade rug. An authentic handmade Oriental rug is a one of a kind piece, woven by an expert weaver. Much like snowflakes, no two hand knotted Oriental rugs are identical. This is why a handmade Oriental rug adds character to the space it is in. An authentic Oriental rug may have differences in the design from one end to the other. A weaver may add a signature, or a symbol to represent themselves. Perhaps a weaver adds a smaller flower at one end rather than a larger flower making the rug unsymmetrical. As seen in the picture below, machine made Oriental rugs have a very uniform style and are almost always perfectly symmetrical. These rugs also cost much less than an authentic Oriental rug.

Machine Made Oriental Rug

A Machine Made rug with an Oriental rug design.

After deciding whether you want a machine made Oriental rug or a handmade Oriental rug, the next step is to find the right style. Oriental rugs come in a variety of styles including Tribal, Floral, Medallions, or Geometric. Persian rugs often have floral motifs, while Turkish rugs have a more tribal design.

Pink Persian Oriental Rug

Authentic Handmade Persian Dergazine Oriental Rug with floral motifsĀ Shop Now >


Turkish Kilim Rug

Handmade Turkish Kilim Rug with a bold geometric design Shop Now >

If you are looking for an antique Oriental rug with a little wear you may want to check eBay, JessiesRugs.com, local estate sales, or your local craigslist listings. Handmade Oriental rugs do hold their value well and it is well known that they become more beautiful with age.
If you are looking for a new Oriental rug you may want to check online.
After deciding on design, age, and quality you will want to decide on a color. In this case you may want to have swatches of fabric from the room you are looking to put a rug in, or you may want to take a rug on trial to see how it fits in your home.

Share your preference below; will it be hand woven or machine made?