Adding to Our Inventory

It’s been a busy couple of months this season adding more rugs to our online store.

Two weeks ago we had a crazy weekend driving to estates all over Massachusetts. One of the best parts of estate sales is not only the beautiful rugs, but the variety of antique jewelry, decor, and other unique collectors items. If you are in the market for a new home, estate sales also allow you to tour spaces which may be on the market.

Discount Oriental Rugs

Interesting Moroccan rugs and Turkish rugs collected at an estate in Medfield, MA

Here is one of the Turkish Bergamo rugs from the above lot after cleaning and repair:

Turkish Oriental Rug for sale

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Oriental rugs for sale online

A carload of Oriental rugs obtained from estates in Belmont and Holliston, MA

It’s times like these I wish we had a larger car! Things get pretty crowded after rug pickups like these. Mike was pretty excited in the picture below. We can’t wait to get these rugs online for you to appreciate.

Oriental carpets

More Oriental carpets from Belmont and Holliston.

Last but not least, here is a sneak peak at our new Chinese Nichols rug. I have always loved the art deco style but this rug is truly one of a kind with absolutely stunning colors. In a later post I will discuss the background of Nichols Chinese rugs and their increasing popularity among collectors.

Chinese Nichols rug

Stunning Nichols Chinese Rug

Keep an eye out on for these new rugs and more as we add them!