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Finding an Oriental Rug to Match Your Style

Oriental rugs have long been looked at as a symbol of wealth and elegance. Over the years Oriental rugs have lost their appeal with the younger generation, however many of those who were raised with Oriental rugs in their homes never lose their passion for them.

Caucasian Kuba Rug

Antique hand woven Caucasian Oriental rug

When choosing an Oriental rug for your home, you must first decide if you want a machine made rug or a handmade rug. An authentic handmade Oriental rug is a one of a kind piece, woven by an expert weaver. Much like snowflakes, no two hand knotted Oriental rugs are identical. This is why a handmade Oriental rug adds character to the space it is in. An authentic Oriental rug may have differences in the design from one end to the other. A weaver may add a signature, or a symbol to represent themselves. Perhaps a weaver adds a smaller flower at one end rather than a larger flower making the rug unsymmetrical. As seen in the picture below, machine made Oriental rugs have a very uniform style and are almost always perfectly symmetrical. These rugs also cost much less than an authentic Oriental rug.

Machine Made Oriental Rug

A Machine Made rug with an Oriental rug design.

After deciding whether you want a machine made Oriental rug or a handmade Oriental rug, the next step is to find the right style. Oriental rugs come in a variety of styles including Tribal, Floral, Medallions, or Geometric. Persian rugs often have floral motifs, while Turkish rugs have a more tribal design.

Pink Persian Oriental Rug

Authentic Handmade Persian Dergazine Oriental Rug with floral motifs Shop Now >


Turkish Kilim Rug

Handmade Turkish Kilim Rug with a bold geometric design Shop Now >

If you are looking for an antique Oriental rug with a little wear you may want to check eBay,, local estate sales, or your local craigslist listings. Handmade Oriental rugs do hold their value well and it is well known that they become more beautiful with age.
If you are looking for a new Oriental rug you may want to check online.
After deciding on design, age, and quality you will want to decide on a color. In this case you may want to have swatches of fabric from the room you are looking to put a rug in, or you may want to take a rug on trial to see how it fits in your home.

Share your preference below; will it be hand woven or machine made?

Top Five Oriental Rugs for Tribal Decor

Oriental rugs come in all shapes, sizes, designs, and colors. So which types of Oriental rugs fit best with tribal decor?

Authentic Oriental rugs already have an exotic edge due to the imperfections that arise in the weaving process, but these five Oriental rug types are sure to be the perfect addition to your eclectic room.

Top 5 Tribal Rugs

1. Kilim Rugs

Afghan Kilim Rug

Afghan Kilim Soumack Rug with dark and neutral tones. Shop this rug >

Kilim rugs come from all over. With their bold geometric patterns and bright solid colors they rank at the top for fitting with tribal decor. The Kilim rug above was made in Afghanistan circa 1960. The design features alternating zig-zag patterns in neutral tones.

The Kilim below was made in Turkey around the 1940’s. It’s bold green-blue center medallion set in a berry-red field will brighten your room and add a bohemian touch to your decorating scheme.

Turkish Kilim Rug

Bold Antique Turkish Kilim Rug. Shop Now >


2. Baluch Rugs

True Baluch rugs originate in Baluchistan, a region which stretches across Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan. These tribal rugs were woven by nomadic tribes. Rusts and Browns are common tones found in Baluch rugs.  The Baluch below was made around 1910 and has even wear throughout.

Antique Baluch Oriental Rug

Antique Baluch Rug with navy highlights. Shop Now >

This is another Baluch rug from the same time period. This rug has a much bolder color scheme and would attract more attention in a tribal room.

Antique Baluch rug

Antique Baluch rug with bright blue highlights. Shop Now >


3. Afghan Rugs

The majority of rugs woven in Afghanistan have a true tribal look to them as many are hand made by nomadic weavers. The rug below features three geometric medallions set in a beige camel-colored field.

Afghan Oriental Rug

Afghan Oriental rug with a tribal design and multiple dark borders. Shop it now >

The rug below was woven in Afghanistan in the 70’s. Although it is modern, the design follows a traditional tribal pattern. The only thing not traditional about this rug is the exotic color scheme. This rug would add a touch of life to any room.

Red Afghan Tribal Rug

Vintage Afghan tribal rug woven with bright reds and orange. Shop now >


4. Moroccan rugs

Moroccan rugs have become super popular in the past year. Not all hand made Moroccan rugs will fit in with tribal decor, but this one will:

Moroccan Rug

Moroccan Rug found on Etsy Shop it Now >

This rug was found on Etsy in a shop called antevarsin. The abstract design complemented by splashes of bright blue, green and yellow colors make this rug a striking work of art.


5. Certain types of Hamadan rugs

Last on our list is the Persian Hamadan rug. When you think of a Persian Hamadan what probably comes to mind is a medium-sized rug with a red field and an ivory center medallion. Obviously those Hamadan rugs would not complement tribal decor, but the word Hamadan describes a massive region of Persia and not all Hamadans are the same. Below are two great examples of antique Hamadan rugs with tribal designs.

Antique Persian Rug

Antique worn Hamadan Persian rug with abstract tree of life. Shop Now >

This Hamadan was made circa 1920. The design features an abstract tree of life set in a natural beige field. The Hamadan below was made slightly later in the 30’s. This design features five red and blue medallions set in a dark blue field. The outermost border is similar in color to the natural beige in the Hamadan above. Each color was used skillfully in this Hamadan to complement the tribal pattern.

Antique Persian Hamadan rug

Antique Persian Hamadan Rug with five fantastic center medallions. Shop now >


These are not the only types of Oriental rugs which will complement tribal decor, but they are some of the best. Looking for an authentic Oriental rug? Shop our discount Oriental rugs at

Share your favorite tribal rug in the comments below!

What Is A Prayer Rug?

One of the biggest mistakes I have seen in the Oriental rug world is the misnaming of prayer rugs. Prayer rugs are not the only type of rug that can be wrongly identified, but they are one of the most popular. All it takes is one rug dealer to call something by another name to their customers and before you know it that incorrect nomenclature spreads rapidly.

mihrab prayer rug

A close-up of a mihrab in a prayer rug which resembles an arch

A prayer rug is characterized by a mihrab design at one end. The mihrab resembles an archway as seen in the photo above. If a rug does not have this niche then it is not, by definition, a prayer rug. Some rugs have a mihrab at both ends, which is defined as a double prayer design. This design is seen in older antique Caucasian rugs.

Double prayer antique oriental rug

An antique Turkish rug with a double prayer design. Note the mihrab design at each end.

The field of a prayer rug is most commonly open with no designs and filled with a solid color such as blue or red. The field of prayer rugs can also be filled with designs. The prayer rug below is filled with a paradise design. This type of design usually consists of paradise birds, perhaps the tree of life, and other animals coexhisting. Do not mistake this design for the Hunting design which consists of animals being hunted by other animals or people.

Indian Prayer rug

An attractive Indian prayer rug featuring the paradise design. Note the elegant mihrab at the top and tree of life in the center.

The rug below is filled with an all-over floral pattern and does not include animal figures.

Indian Prayer rug

Another elegant Indian prayer rug with an all over floral pattern in the field.

The size of an Oriental rug does not determine whether or not it is a prayer rug although prayer rugs are generally smaller than 5’x7′. If a rug is small, such as 2’x3′ or 3’x5′ it does not mean it is a prayer rug. I have seen many Persian Hamadan mats called prayer rugs when they are not. Below is one of the most common misnamed prayer rugs. See how it does not have the characteristic mihrab at either end.

Red persian rug

Small, red Persian Hamadan rug. This is NOT a prayer rug.

Some prayer rugs will also have hand motifs which flank the mihrab at the top. The antique Caucasian rug below has two geometric motifs where the hands are often observed.

antique caucasian prayer rug

Antique Caucasian prayer rug with interesting geometric shapes flanking the mihrab.


If you have an interesting prayer rug you would like to share with us or are in the market for a prayer rug, find us at or email

Where We Find Our Oriental Rugs

One of the most common questions we are asked by our customers is, “Where do you get your Oriental rugs?”. The answer is, people like you.

Red Persian Rug Runner

A red Persian Kazvin rug runner, bought at a local estate sale.

Perhaps you have had the same red Persian rug runner in your hallway for ten years and are ready to redecorate. Maybe your grandma left you her collection of antique Oriental rugs  and none of them seem to fit in your home, or you could be moving out of state and are unable to take your rugs with you. That is where we come in. As an established rug dealer we are able to either buy your old rugs or consign them for a fair price in our shop.

Similar to selling jewelry, it is easier to sell to a dealer rather than going through the hassle of finding buyers for your item. You may make less money on the item compared to retail value, but it is money in your pocket the same day you are ready to sell rather than having to list your item repeatedly on eCommerce sites and deal with picky buyers coming in and out of your home.

Shopping for Oriental Rugs

Mike shopping for rugs at the Brimfield Fair in the summer of 2014

We also find our antique Oriental rugs at auctions, estate sales, antique shows like the one in Brimfield Massachusetts, and on Craigslist.

All of our rugs are hand washed the day they enter our store  so our customers can be sure they are receiving a clean rug.

Oriental rug cleaning

Cleaning an Oriental rug


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