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Other Handmade Oriental Rugs

Although many Oriental rugs are looked at as either Persian rugs or Turkish rugs, Oriental rugs have been woven in many geographical areas including Romania, Spain, India, China, The Caucasus, Pakistan and Afghanistan among others. Rugs woven in Romania typically have cotton or wool foundations and Persian knots. These rugs, like Persian rugs, are named after the location of which they are woven and are classified by knot count.

Spanish rugs usually have wool pile woven onto cotton foundations. Antique Spanish rugs are extremely rare and desirable. Spanish rugs have a unique weave unlike other Oriental rugs and utilize the Spanish knot. Moroccan Oriental rugs have become quite popular in recent years. They are easily identifiable when compared to other Oriental rugs for their characteristic thick piles and asymmetric designs. The patterns and colors vary depending on the tribe that weaves the rug, however the majority have wool piles. Although output is low, other Oriental rug producing countries include Greece, Egypt, Mexico and Bulgaria among others. Browse our selection of discount Oriental rugs for sale.

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