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Soft Red Oriental Rug

Deals on Room-Size Rugs

Because we are beginning to focus on selling rugs smaller than 9×12 we are running a great sale on all of our room-sized rugs. Marked down from already low prices, now is the time to buy if you have been waiting for the perfect extra-large sized rug in our shop. Below are some of our large rugs on sale right now:

Persian Kapoutrang Rug

7′ 11 x 10′ 7 including fringe, beautiful Ivory and Red Persian Kapoutrang Rug, only $612. with Free Shipping! Shop Now >

Above is a traditional vintage Ivory Persian Kapoutrang rug. Check out our rug guide to learn more about Kapoutrang rugs. If you are looking for something a bit larger, find a bold red and green Persian Tabriz below. This one features an all-over pattern highlighted with floral elements, palmettes, deer and bird motifs.

Red Persian Rug

9′ 7 x 13′ 3, this large Persian rug will add character to any space. A soft wool pile will feel warm and welcoming underfoot, while you admire the interesting details of this Persian rug. Marked down to $1067.60  Shop Now >

If you are looking for a larger rug and trying to keep your budget under $1000, find a great deal on a soft red Persian Mashad rug below.

Soft Red Oriental Rug

9′ 5 x 13′ 5 Persian Mashad with a bold center medallion surrounded by all-over patterns set in a soft red field. Only $979.20 Shop Now>

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Green Dyes in Oriental Rugs

Before synthetic dyes were introduced in the late 1800’s, Oriental rugs were dyed with colors extracted from the surrounding environment including plants, minerals and even insects. These dyes are usually called vegetable dyes. At an early age people are taught mixing yellow and blue makes green. This well-known fact was also applied to antique Oriental rugs made with vegetable dyes.

Green Oriental rug

Indian Oriental rug with a green field

The color blue was obtained from the indigo plant. After dyeing the wool blue, it was dyed yellow. Yellow dye was often obtained from various flowers including Saffron, Larkspur, vine leaves, and buckthorn. It is easy to differentiate a green in a vegetable dyed rug versus a synthetic dyed rug by the uneven color in the vegetable dyed rug. Since the wool has been dyed twice the green color in a vegetable dyed rug may have a slightly blue hue in one area and a yellow hue in the other. The synthetic green will be more uniform. Often times, the yellow may fade leaving blue on the pile. If you gently pull the pile apart to an area which has not been exposed to sunlight you will see the color was once green. Yellow splotches may also appear in a vegetable dyed rug from wear which causes the indigo color to rub off over time. Other, less common, sources of green dyes include turmeric berries, and Buckthorn berries which are used to produce Chinese green. In China, the color green signifies renewal and growth.

Chinese Oriental rug

Green and yellow butterfly in a Chinese Oriental rug.

The strength of the color is determined by several variables including the time the yarn spends in the dye pot, the type of spring water used, and the type of mordant used. Green fields are very rare in antique Oriental rugs because green is a holy color in Islam and is rarely walked upon. Since saffron is so expensive and yellow dye is required to make green, the rarity of yellow can also contribute to the lack of green rugs. Green has become more common in Oriental rugs in the last 100 years or so with the introduction of synthetic dyes and the increasing demand for it.

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Other Oriental rug dyeing resources:





Slowly moving in to our new location

Recently we moved our warehouse to a new location.

Discount Oriental rug warehouse

Mike is pretty happy with the new space.

It took a while to get the heat turned on, as you can see our system is older than some of our antique Oriental rugs.

Antique heating system

The Thermolier is keeping us toasty this season!

And a back shot of the fan in the heating system:

Antique Heating System

Pumping out heat

Next on the list was installing blinds.

Installing Blinds

Installing blinds

This looks easier than it was. Mike had to stand on a wobbly plastic fold out table to reach the top, but the finished product looks perfect!

Blinds Installed

Beautiful blinds!

Next on the list was installing the floor. We found these great planks at Home Depot that snap together easily.

Wood floor installation

Snapping the planks together.

It might look like Mike’s doing all the work, but someone had to take the pictures…

Oriental rug photos

Mike installing wood floor for our Oriental rug photos

Sarouk Rug

Persian Sarouk rug on the new floor

We completed the floor yesterday and we are finally able to take pictures of some of the rugs we got almost a month ago. This one in particular is a gorgeous Sarouk Persian rug.

It’s looking pretty empty right now because we haven’t installed our alarm system yet. Once the alarm is installed we will be bringing the rest of our rugs from storage.

Oriental rugs online

The finished product

Check out some of our newly listed one of a kind discount Oriental rugs at JessiesRugs.com.


Adding to Our Inventory

It’s been a busy couple of months this season adding more rugs to our online store.

Two weeks ago we had a crazy weekend driving to estates all over Massachusetts. One of the best parts of estate sales is not only the beautiful rugs, but the variety of antique jewelry, decor, and other unique collectors items. If you are in the market for a new home, estate sales also allow you to tour spaces which may be on the market.

Discount Oriental Rugs

Interesting Moroccan rugs and Turkish rugs collected at an estate in Medfield, MA

Here is one of the Turkish Bergamo rugs from the above lot after cleaning and repair:

Turkish Oriental Rug for sale

Deep Blue Turkish Bergamo Rug Shop Now >


Oriental rugs for sale online

A carload of Oriental rugs obtained from estates in Belmont and Holliston, MA

It’s times like these I wish we had a larger car! Things get pretty crowded after rug pickups like these. Mike was pretty excited in the picture below. We can’t wait to get these rugs online for you to appreciate.

Oriental carpets

More Oriental carpets from Belmont and Holliston.

Last but not least, here is a sneak peak at our new Chinese Nichols rug. I have always loved the art deco style but this rug is truly one of a kind with absolutely stunning colors. In a later post I will discuss the background of Nichols Chinese rugs and their increasing popularity among collectors.

Chinese Nichols rug

Stunning Nichols Chinese Rug

Keep an eye out on JessiesRugs.com for these new rugs and more as we add them!

How It All Began…

Mike and I first met in January 2010 at Framingham State University during our sophomore year. We were both majoring  in Chemistry and began studying together. After two long years of all-nighters, take-out, and laboratory preparations we graduated in 2012. Mike started working in Framingham and I started working in Walpole. The time apart and our mundane jobs really started to bring us down. We racked our brains to find an alternative, to find some way we could work together doing something we were passionate about.  This is where JessiesRugs.com comes in.

Holding an antique Caucasian prayer rug

Mike holding an antique Caucasian prayer rug

Mike’s father has been in the rug business for 40 years, operating in Natick, Massachusetts. With his wealth of knowledge of Oriental rugs, we started to learn the trade and began to sell our fine rugs online. After being exposed to some of the stereotypical rug dealers who are out to empty your pockets, we knew we wanted to make something different and better for our customers.

antique persian rug

Jess next to an antique Persian rug

We are constantly adding new content about caring for your Oriental rugs at home and updating our guides on different types of Oriental rugs to better educate our customers. Even if you don’t end up buying your rug from us, we hope you are able to use our site to prepare yourself to buy an Oriental rug with confidence.

At our online store we have a variety of hand knotted discount Oriental rugs including Persian rugs, Caucasian rugs, and more. We encourage all of our customers to make an offer on any of our rugs if the price is out of their budget. We always consider reasonable offers.

If you have a question about the value or origin of a rug you own, we would love to hear from you! Send us an email at: info@jessiesrugs.com